The Dixie Cup will resume on October 15, 2015.

Keep Checking Back!

The Dixie Cup is one of the nation's oldest homebrewing competitions and is noted for its great mix of irreverent fun and its seriousness about beer. Over the course of the two days of formal activities, you will have many opportunities to learn about beer and brewing from some of the nation's finest homebrewers, professional brewers, noted brewing authors, and industry experts. Although we have as much fun as possible at the Dixie Cup, the competition remains the most important aspect of the event and we take the judging very seriously.

The Dixie Cup is one of the final Qualifying Events for The Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing and is the final competition in the series that determines the Lone Star Circuit Homebrewer of the Year, the Lone Star Circuit Homebrew Team of the Year, and the Lone Star Circuit Homebrew Club of the Year.

All activities at the Dixie Cup are limited to members of The Foam Rangers, and are free except the pub crawl.

Part of the fun at the Dixie Cup involves a special beer category, something we've featured for many years. You won't generally find these categories anywhere in the BJCP guidelines. Past categories have included such infamous styles as Breakfast Cereal Beer, Malt Liquor, Imperial Beer, The Beer That Burns Twice, and many other unique styles that may never be seen at any other homebrew competition.

For more information, contact Rebecca Weitzenhoffer by email at or call DeFalco's at 713-668-9440.