Dixie Cup Events

Saturday, September 24Early Entry Deadline
First Check-in and sorting
Saturday, October 1Absolute Entry Deadline
Second Check-in and sorting
Sunday, October 2Judging Begins
Thursday, October 20 7:00 p.m.Dixie Cup Opening Reception
Friday, October 21 Friday Details
Saturday, October 22Saturday Details
Sunday, October 23Sunday Details


Although the Dixie Cup is primarily about judging home brewed beer, mead, and cider, we have many other events planned that you won't want to miss.

In addition to the judging which starts in advance of the formal activities at the hotel, aka Dixie Cup Central, the Dixie Cup offers a welcoming reception on the Thursday evening prior to the formal start of the Dixie Cup.

If you are not already a dues-paid member of the Foam Rangers, you can join in the activities at the hotel on Friday and Saturday with a membership in the Foam Rangers for the low, low price of $25 for an individual, $35 for family. Your membership in the Foam Rangers entitles you to participate in the milli-conference, barleywine tasting, Fred tasting, and Friday night dinner, and drink from the beer taps. You will also receive the post-Dixie Cup issue of the Brewsletter Urquell. You can purchase your Foam Rangers membership by visiting The FoamStore.

Refer to the map below to help you find your way to the various events and entry drop-off locations.


After the completion of first round judging Friday evening, a dinner will be provided to all registered attendees. You must be registered with the Dixie Cup to get into the area serving food. We've procurred the services of a bouncer, and we're not afraid to use him.

But don't stuff yourself at the dinner, because the legendary Fred Tasting will follow a short raffle. You do not want to miss this Friday night tradition.


Start the day off in style with a toast, and taste the spirit of the Dixie Cup. Bring your favorite barleywine to the barleywine tasting at 8:30 AM, prior to the milli-conference.

We have another exciting milli-conference scheduled this year. The speakers are being lined up and we'll have more to say soon. The milli-conference will start at 9 AM.

Second round judging will begin immediately following the milli-conference. Lunch will be provided to judges to help you get through the judging.

After all the judging, and presentations from our esteemed guests, you need to get out and get some beer and food. Hop aboard the bus and tour some of Houston's finest beer establishments. The buses leave at 4:30 PM and return at 9 PM, just in time for the raffle and awards ceremony. The price for Pub Crawl tickets will be announced soon.

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