First Time Entrant

The First Time Entrant Award is open to folks who have never before entered the Dixie Cup competition. This award is offered as an encouragement to new brewers to “get their feet wet” in competition and get some quality feedback on their brewing efforts.

Entries in all standard BJCP categories and subcategories (1 - 34) are accepted. Be sure to include the BJCP category and subcategory, as well as any additional information that is required for the style, so that it can be assessed fairly. If you want to enter a beer in the special Dixie Cup category, just go ahead and enter in that category – you’ll be judged with same blatant disregard as all the other entrants.

Note: This category does not count towards personal or club points and will not be considered for Best-of-Show. Therefore, only two bottles are required. But you do get some extra feedback.